Truth or Dare in Many Languages

The truth or dare of your youth is a game with nearly universal appeal. The reason is simple. More than just a pajama-party diversion, gameplay allows young people, just as their bodies are undergoing the hormonal shift into adulthood, a chance to explore topics that are often considered taboo in the wider society. Within the secure zone of their peer group and fortified with the loophole afforded by the “dare” element, participants are freed to broach topics that might be subject to censure in other contexts.

Truth or Dare for English Language Learners employs a wider topical range, of course, but still leverages for the classroom, those elements of traditional gameplay that make truth or dare a powerful communication tool.

Below is a list of nearly identical games from many corners of the globe. If you know of parallel games in other languages send us an e-mail and we’ll add them to the list. If you notice any incorrect info drop us a line as well so we can right that folly.

Language Game Name Transcription Literal Translation
Mandarin Chinese 真心話大冒險 zhēnxīnhuà dàmàoxiǎn Truth or Risk
Japanese 真実ゲーム 
shinjitsu ge-mu or
oosama ge-mu
Truth game or
King game
Korean 진실게임 jinsil geim Truth game
Russian Истины или осмеливается Truth or Dare
Finnish Totuus vai tehtävä Truth or Task
Swedish sanning eller
Truth or Impact
German Wahrheit oder Pflicht Truth or Duty
Dutch waarheid of uitdaging Truth or Challenge
French action ou verité Action or Truth
Italian vero o falso Truth or Falsehood
Portuguese verdade ou desafio Truth or Challenge
Spanish Juego de la botella The Bottle Game
Mexican Spanish verdad o mentira Truth or Lie
Turkish doğruluk mu cesaret mi Dare to face the truth
Arabic الحقيقة او يجرؤ Truth or Dare
Farsi شاه دزد Shah Dozd King Thief Game
Hebrew אמת או חובה Truth or Duty

The Tower of Babel
by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Year circa 1563

tower of babel

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