Black & White and Green All Over

With its bright, colorful graphics, it may be hard to tell at first glance but Truth or Dare for English Language Learners is actually green through and through. Both the game box and the spinner board are made with 100% post-consumer recycled fibre. The 24-page instruction booklet, the cards, the card boxes and the wrap are all a minimum 50% post-consumer fibre. The exact amount varies depending on sourcing at the manufacturing end.

Reduced impact is integral to other aspects of the design as well. Most games are designed to appear large on retail shelves to aid in merchandising the product. With a more compact design Truth or Dare for English Language Learners uses less materials overall even though game components are full-sized. Energy use at the shipping end is reduced as well.

The small footprint [19 x 19 x 3.2 cm; 7.5 x 7.5 x 1.3 inches] was also born out of a practical consideration for teachers who may need to lug several copies to the classroom depending on the class size.

Unlike with most retail products these days, we left the shrink wrap off. The outer finish is designed to be scuff-resistant, negating a need for that extra layer. We employed tighter standards to make sure the box top and bottom stay together. As a bonus, when browsing Truth or Dare for English Language Learners in a retail setting, you can view the contents first hand.

With durability built in, Truth or Dare for English Language Learners can be used and reused, over and over again. When it does eventually wear out, be assured, the whole thing is 100% recyclable.

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