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The Speekeezy Games Use Survey came about as a result of a conversation with an editor at one of the major ESL publishers. He had previously expressed interest in the idea of a commercial-quality game dedicated specifically to adult ESL learners and had vowed to undertake research into the market potential. In fact, he seemed surprisingly enthusiastic about the game which was an early precursor to the game Truth or Dare for English Language Learners that you’ll see on this site.

Scroll ahead a few months and his conclusion was that “teachers are not interested in games”. That surprised me too. When pressed as to how he had reached that conclusion he revealed the science that drives major publishing decisions, indicating that he had asked a couple guys in the office about it while hanging around the water cooler. From that I drew a few conclusions of my own including that even from within the black pit of a coma I could easily trump such feeble “market research”. The notion that teachers are not interested in games struck me as bizarre in the extreme, certainly not what I had noted anecdotally, and I set about assessing a broader range of opinions with a “water cooler” of my own.

The result became known as the Speekeezy Games Use Survey. Here we look at the results, one year later. Follow the links below for a detailed, if quirky, analysis.

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