Survey Fatigue

I undertook a quick analysis of non-participation from a chronological point of view to see if survey fatigue was having any discernible effect on responses. Fatigue should manifest itself as a distinct downward trend in participation but the curve suggests other factors such as a lack of opinion or interest in specific topics rather than steadily flagging interest.

Right off the mark, participation droops as we grind through the tedious initial demographic questions. Surprisingly, the downward trend continues with a few noticeable rallies as we trudge through a series of questions on attitudes towards game use in the classroom. Note how participation starts to ascend again as the topic changes towards an analysis of particular game types. After reaching dizzying heights participation falls off again precipitously on the final two questions. No surprise there as these were the call for additional comments. The real surprise was that 239 out of 513 of the respondents took the time to leave additional insights. All surveys suffer from a certain amount of fatigue but in this case at least it wasn’t strikingly apparent.

Survey Participation Curve

Survey Fatigue

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