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A dynamic duo of British-based ELT publications featured Truth or Dare for English Language Learners in materials reviews this autumn. While both are web-based with a strong bias towards teachers in training one is free and the other is available by subscription.

Humanising Language Teaching Magazine

October 2012 - Humanising Language Teaching Magazine

Hanna Kryszewska reviewed Truth or Dare for English Language Learners for Humanising Language Teaching Magazine, noting the topical breadth and the collaborative approach while cautioning that teachers “in some cultures, countries or working with less mature learners… may have to remove some of the topic cards from the pack.” We should mention that potentially risqué cards are already discretely marked to facilitate the moderation of topical choice on-the-fly. Kryszewska, editor, teacher trainer and senior lecturer at the University of Gdañsk, concludes: “Overall the game is fun, useful in class as preparation for a speaking test or as a fun lesson.”

Click to read the review in its entirety as it appeared in Humanising Language Teaching Magazine [256 KB].


Volume 229 - IATEFL Voices

Mark Graff starts his review in IATEFL Voices with a rhetorical question: “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a game had different levels to accommodate [false] beginner to advanced students?” In the next breath Graff, Professor of English at Qassim University in Saudia Arabia, enthusiastically provides the answer: “Truth or Dare for English Language Learners is that game!” Acknowleging the importance of process in gameplay, Graff notes: “There is no right or wrong answer, and there is no winner. Lovely! Maintaining conversation is the objective.” For the review, Graff tested the game with a group with homogenous ethnicity but very diverse English abilities. On reflection he concludes “that players [should] have an equivalent English ability to provide a level playing field. This ensures everyone is able to participate to their full capacity.” Lesson learned.

Click to read the review in its entirety as it appeared in IATEFL Voices [142 KB].

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