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Catalyst: A Conversation Taskbook for English Language Learners The release last month of Catalyst ESL Taskbook seems to have struck a chord in our initial four English-speaking markets. Emboldened by the reception of this one-of-a-kind resource, we’re currently adding Catalyst to iTunes outlets in nearly 50 countries, primarily in Europe and Latin America.

First-Ever: Created specifically for the iPad platform, Catalyst: A Conversation Taskbook for English Language Learners is the first-ever “multi-touch” textbook for second language acquisition.

Not is all is right with the iTunes distribution network, however. North American textbook author-publishers, for instance, remain locked out of critical markets in Asia and the Middle East. For the most part, iTunes infrastructure exists; non-Asian publishers simply cannot access it. Bizarrely, though we’ve had inquiries from schools and colleges in Thailand and Korea and now a university in Japan, those ELTs are likewise locked out of iTunes in their home countries.

Breaking NEWS: Apple has finally added Japan to its complicated, convoluted and utterly ridiculous iTunes stable. Two questions Apple: What took you so long? What happened to the rest of Asia?

Do Different: While a Canadian, Australian, British or American instructor teaching in Asia might be able to finesse the system and successfully download a sample from an iTunes store back home, assigning it to a class of iPad-equipped students is out of the question. Supply and demand are separated by more than an ocean. Apple’s control-freak tendencies lie at the root of this conundrum. For an example of a system that actually works one needs to look no further than eBay or Amazon, Apple’s chief competitor. With this superior distribution model anyone anywhere can buy or sell anything anyhow. Software and technology erases the borders, dealing with details like currency exchange on-the-fly. Oh yeah, but then again, it’s a credo: Apple has to Think — and apparently Do — Different.

A Twist of Paper: Catalyst is also available in traditional analogue, with a twist.

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