Conference Notes: BC TEAL Interior Conference

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On the way to the BC TEAL Interior Conference [October 15, 2011] I realized that I hadn’t been in Kelowna since I pedalled through some time in the late ’70s. Then I was on a circle tour, pushing a heavy old Sekine from Nanaimo, through Lillooet, Kamloops, Kelowna, Manning Park then back to Vancouver Island while visiting friends along the way. This time attending the conference was more of an excuse for a chance to shuffle along the Myra Canyon segment of the Kettle Valley Railway as well as explore a few of the gold-dappled hillsides in the Merritt area. You can check out the success of that part of the trip at my online gallery.

Noteworthy from the point of view of the conference was the sheer number of student volunteers. They were available, highly visible and helpful in many ways. One, volunteer photographer Charles Chan, went way beyond the call of duty, e-mailing photos of the Truth or Dare info booth to me after the conference. Thanks Charles. Let’s hope future conferences will also involve students in such a significant way.

A highlight of the conference for me was when two teachers, separately, dropped by the table with nearly identical comments on Truth or Dare for English Language Learners. Both mentioned that they had picked the game up at the provincial conference in May and that it was a hit with their respective students even though, in both cases, classes were relatively low level. One said “It went over really well. I read [the Instruction Guide] completely and prepared so I think that helped a lot.” The second teacher, who also mentioned taking extra time to prepare her class for gameplay, parted with an affirming: “Good game!”

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