Conference Notes: Tri-TESOL

While flogging my wares at the Tri-TESOL conference — a co-operative venture between the provincial and state ESL teaching associations of British Columbia, Washington and Oregon — a young volunteer from Egypt dropped by and, among other things, mentioned that they have a game very similar to Truth or Dare back in her homeland. There it’s called Leebet El-Hayat or “The Game of Life”. She also wrote it out for me in Arabic script but I can’t imagine how I could reproduce it here in the blog.

She also conveyed a great deal of worry about the political situation in Egypt following the events of the so-called “Arab Spring”. While democracy came about with a minimum of effort here in Canada, it would be hard to say the same thing about the struggle for freedom south of the border or in France, the other crucible of modern democracy. For her sake, I hope the transition is relatively painless though history would seem to indicate otherwise with a few exceptions. If achieved, however, it will have been worth it.

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