In total, 513 respondents answered the questionnaire. The margin of error is calculated to be ± 4%.


While nearly 12% declined to admit to having any gender at all, 51% of respondents professed to be female and 38%, male. We’ll never really know, will we?

Role: I am working in the following area of the ESL profession

Fully 71% of respondents were educational professionals with another 11% working in administrative roles. One of those claimed, through the comments field, to be a “Principle”. A guiding principle, perhaps? Five percent were either students of English or learning how to teach and another two percent belong to peripheral industries such as study abroad or homestay agencies, publishers and so on. A final 11% declined to answer.

Role Play

Experience: How long have you been working in the ESL profession?

Respondents were, by and large, members of the targeted demographic and not just random Internet trolls. Indeed those who took the time to complete the survey reported considerable experience in the field. Just under five percent of respondents admitted to working in the ESL profession for less than one year. And while 18% declined to answer at all, the majority of respondents were veteran professionals, battered and bandaged yet ready to keep up the good fight. Thirty-two percent confessed to more than ten years of classroom experience with many boasting through the comments field of multiple decades in the trenches. Pip, pip, tally-ho and all that rot! Twenty-one percent reported five to ten years in the profession while a further twenty-four percent had already devoted one to five years to the cause.

I have to admit that I was initially worried that the survey would reach an inordinate number of the kind of travelers who see teaching English as a ticket to globetrotting. Clearly this was not the case. Respondents were committed professionals with valuable insights to share.

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Experience is the Best Teacher

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