Game Types – Adaptation

Question 3: How much adaptation is required before using these game types in the classroom?

Since we can presume that Self-Designed Games have already undergone extensive adaptation en route to “ownership” this class of games was left out of the question altogether, being replaced with a category Games from ESL resource books.

Respondents felt that Commercial ESL/EFL Games could be most readily taken off the shelf and moved into the classroom. That’s certainly the theory behind Truth or Dare for English Language Learners. Due to the aforementioned paucity of commercial offerings for adults, whether this statistic indicates what exists or what should be is a whole other question.

That commercial tabletop games such as Monopoly or Clue occupies the bottom rung is somewhat surprising since the popular Pictionary is frequently used right out of the box. Clearly the same cannot be said for other such offerings. As a side note, I have created a couple of very effective Monopoly clones and can verify that the amount of adaptation required in order to achieve that effectiveness is massive. As the voice-over says: do not attempt this at home.

Rated on a ten-point Likert scale ranging from No Adaptation [1] to A Great Deal of Adaptation [10]

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