Game Types – Effectiveness Rating

Question 2: Please rate the effectiveness  of these game types as a language learning tool?

Again, Self-Designed Games tops out the results for all the same reasons outlined above. Nonetheless, another factor besides vested interest is at work. Being somehow “owned” by the respondent we can safely assume that such games have already undergone extensive development, transformation and adaptation for the particular needs of that individual’s teaching situation. Presumably they have reached a high level of effectiveness, or at least that perception, along the way.

That Commercial ESL/EFL Games ranks second probably indicates that respondents had the teaching of children in mind. While the Speekeezy Game Use Survey revealed that our profession clearly believes gameplay should not be limited to children, apart from Truth or Dare for English Language Learners, there are very few commercial offerings directed at adult English language learners.

Rated on a ten-point Likert scale ranging from Not Effective [1] to Extremely Effective [10]

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