Game Types – Frequency of Use

Question 1: How often do you incorporate these game types into your lesson plan?

As you can see from the table below, Self-Designed Games, that is games designed by the respondent, came out on top of a scale ranging from a low of “Never” to a high of “Always” with a rating of 6.5 or slightly above the middle ground of “Sometimes”.

It’s important to note the limitations of this statistic. We cannot conclude that teachers use games 65% of the time, or that, when they use games, they use self-designed ones two thirds of the time. In fact, reporting averages for these Likert-type rating scales is considered problematic by statisticians though their use is widespread in the realm of market research. We can’t even say that language teaching professionals use self-designed games more frequently than any other type. We can however, conclude that teachers believe that they do. The fact that such games are designed or heavily adapted by the respondent would tend to make that kind of game stand out more than any other type. The time invested in developing and polishing the game is also being included in the evaluation to a certain extent. Nonetheless, common sense tells us that the top two types of games are probably used more frequently than any of the others due to the vested interest element of Self-Designed Games and due to the very definition of Old Standards. Such games didn’t get to be old standards by taking the low road to obscurity. They are, as a group, well-known, easy to deploy, require little adaptation and effective, hence, their place in the frequency pyramid.

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