The resulting Speekeezy Games Use Survey was comprised of 17 questions aimed at garnering greater insight into attitudes towards the use of games by English language teaching professionals. I used an open-source framework called LimeSurvey and deployed the survey through two websites devoted to ESL/EFL pedagogy which I maintain. For the course of one year [March 11, 2015 – March 10, 2016] visitors to either neko.ca or speekeezy.ca could take the questionnaire. Popular ESL/EFL notice boards, forums and listserves were advised of the survey and a number of professional periodicals picked it up, passing word on to their readers and members.

The Speekeezy Games Use Survey was comprised of four sections as follows:

  • Demographic Questions
  • Opinions and attitudes towards the use of games
  • An analysis of game types
  • Comments

Most questions divide responses into ten discrete units. Though one could argue doing so splits opinion too finely, the advantage of using ten units over five is that respondents must take a stand. They can hug the fence but they cannot sit on it.

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