Opinions 2: School Support

The next two questions involve workplace attitudes at the administrative level towards game use in the classroom. Opinion was fairly polarized on the question of whether “my school provides enough resources for using games in the classroom”. Half agreed and half disagreed with opinion from both camps being tinged with intensity. Considering that this veteran swath of the profession has long since grown accustomed to creating their own materials on an ad hoc basis, schools could do better.

While schools may not be providing the resources they do at least encourage the use of games. Fifty-nine percent of respondents somewhat strongly agreed with the statement “my school encourages the use of games in the classroom”. So while many school administrators are onside with the notion that gameplay makes good pedagogical sense, they have yet to proactively support that notion with the purchase of suitable materials or professional development opportunities. Still I find it disturbing that forty one percent of respondents somewhat weakly perceived a lack of encouragement in the realm of learning games at their place of employment. These teachers are on their own from both a resource and support point of view.

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