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February 2012 - MITESOL Messages

Michigan Pros Play Outside the Box

The folks in Michigan gave Truth or Dare for English Language Learners a real workout for their review in MITESOL Messages, playtesting the game both on- and off-label. Reviewer Leze Djokaj initially played by the rules, testing ToD with college-aged students of English in an academic setting. Then, going maverick, Djokaj put it to the test, tasking ToD to engage a mash up of native and non-native speakers, professionals and non-pros in a variety of educational and social settings. When the smoke cleared, here’s what the reviewer and a few of the players had to say:

  • “The group I played this with could not have felt more satisfied during and after the game, and every time we played, the excitement was greater than the first! It was very engaging and reinforcing.”
  • “The games generated a routine and in a couple of days you were able to notice the fluency of the speakers.”
  • “This game was so much fun! I enjoyed it and so did my friends!.”
  • “Learning a foreign language needs games like this to reinforce spoken language skills.”
  • “This game gave my cousins a chance to not be overwhelmed with learning the language; they were relaxed, stress free, and enjoyed the game, while not knowing they were supplementing their language learning.”
  • “Adult ESL teachers, BUY this game!.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself ☺

Click to read the review in its entirety as it appeared in February 2012 – MITESOL Messages [202 KB].

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