ToD Theft: A Moral Lesson

A customer in Japan had to reorder a 5-Pak. It seems he left the games in the classroom for easy access and someone walked off with all five. That’s great for sales at our end but — Ouch! — that’s gotta hurt: in more ways than one. He’s not sure whether students or a colleague had the itchy fingers. Or even whether the cleaning staff inadvertently tossed them.

As a precaution, mark the games up to reduce the allure as soon as they arrive. At a minimum use an indelible felt marker to put your name on the bottom and, if you have one, rubber stamp both box top and bottom on the inside. For added security, mark the inside cover of the Instruction Guide and the back of the spinner as well.

Avoid the use of peelable stickers for obvious reasons.

Here’s what the victim had to say: “Yes someone took the whole set from a classroom when I left them there after a class. Hence the new order. Thanks for the info and sending them so quickly. I had only just started to use them and they worked really well.”

It’s a shame that distrust extends even into the inner circle.

This reminds me of an incident that happened while I was working at the now-defunct YMCA ELI in Vancouver. I was queuing up for the photocopying machine and noticed the resource that the woman in front of me was plagiarizing happened to be from a different school. Just making idle chat I said, “Oh, Mary, I didn’t realize you worked at such and such a school as well.” She was a little bit confused, said that she used to and then asked how did I know. Then she got it. The stolen book was clearly marked with the other school’s name. At least she had the decency to blush.

This is the same woman who put her foot in it at a PD session in front of the entire faculty. An author from another school was showcasing her just-published textbook. Ever supportive, Mary put up her hand and commented that she has been copying the entire book, lesson by lesson, for her class and that the students just love it! Graciously, the speaker thanked her for the edifying remarks and continued with her presentation.

Comment: #1 Truth Or Dare 2015-12-18 11:12
Thanks again Brian. Awesome game. It arrived yesterday and the class just loved it!

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