Something for Zoomers

I just finished making a web app called Talk It Up! that should be useful in dedicated conversation classes, especially as Zoom-based remote teaching seems likely to dominate for the foreseeable future. Of course it works in face2face group contexts as well.

I may turn it into a Progressive Web App [works offline] if it starts to get a lot of use. That’s a lot of additional work so for the time being it will be simply deployed on the web.
Keep an eye out for bugs. It is designed with responsiveness in mind but, since I can’t test it on every device, there just might be a few that are liable to break the layout. Let me know if any gibberish or mangled code appears on the screen as well. I’ve done my best to clean that up but, with over 300 topics, it’s pretty easy for some anomalies to sneak by.

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