Whodunnit Phrasal Verbs

Welcome to Whodunnit Phrasal Verbs Quiz: Padma Forste. Phrasal verbs are verbs which appear with a preposition [particle] that changes the meaning of the root verb. Sometimes the amount of change is small, just a nuance such as emphasis or direction is added. At other times the meaning is almost completely changed. Often phrasal verbs work as a metaphor. The following are fairly common prepositions [particles] that appear with usually simple verbs to create additional or expanded meaning.

up down over off out in around
on with by along away apart together
for behind to under at across through
1. Question 1

Detective Lee: Just go everything in detail from the time you arrived this morning.

2. Question 2Mrs Forste: I put the coffee pot .
3. Question 3

Mrs Forste: I ran to look at him lying there then I went to call 911.

4. Question 4

Mrs Forste: No, it started as a typical day.

5. Question 5

Mrs Forste: I sometimes stay to babysit the cat when Mr Armstrong has… um… had business out of town.

6. Question 6

Mrs Forste: I can barely keep as it is.

7. Question 7

Detective Lee: I’d be pretty angry if someone cheated me of an inheritance like that.

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