Bruno Wolfe

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Accents: US English
Time: 03:19
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Relationship: Business Associate

Date: Friday, February, 19th
Location: Zodiaq Industrial Group Boardroom

Detective Lee:
I did some checking. It seems his wife made a complaint in September about domestic violence but then withdrew the complaint some days later.
Detective Todd: So, this guy has a temperGets angry easily. [Door Opens and closes] Oh, here he comes. Thank you for agreeing to meet with us on such short notice, Mr Wolfe.
Witness: Like I had a choice? Can I send for a coffee or something? What’s on your mind?
Detective Lee: I’m good. We won’t take up much of your time.
Detective Todd: No thanks. I see you haven’t moved into the CEO’s office yet.
Witness: Ah, that’s why you’re here. Good news travels fast.
Detective Lee: Is it ‘good news’ that your partner was killed?
Witness: No, of course not. What I meant was we can begin moving away from all these damned controversies though I daresay the damage is done already.
Detective Todd: For the record, where were you on Monday evening?
Witness: Nowhere. I was at home. I’m going away hunting in the north country in a couple of weeks and I was getting organized.
Detective Lee: Can anybody corroborateProve something with evidence that?
Witness: I don’t think so. I live alone. My wife cleaned me out and took off with her tennis instructor.
Detective Todd: I’m sorry to hear that. When was that?
Witness: That all happened over Christmas. Frankly, it’s good to be rid of her.
Detective Lee: How did the break up make you feel?
Witness: How do you think? Don’t worry, she’ll be back when her boy toy dropsDump; end a relationship her because the money ran out. What has this got to do with Reynard’s murder?
Detective Todd: How did you and Mr. Reynard get along?
Witness: Not at all. Everyone knew that. I disagreed with the direction he was taking the company and he refused to listen to common sense. No secret there.
Detective Todd: Have you ever been to Armstrong Manor?
Witness: Of course, many times. Especially in the early days. We often used to meet there for discussions or just socializing, hanging around the pool, backyard barbecues. We used to play golf a lot too. He was a good golfer but you had to watch him. He would cheat if you gave him a chance.
Detective Lee: When was the last time you were there?
Witness: Some time in the fall. Mid-October, I think. I can check with my secretary.
Detective Lee: Please do.
Detective Todd: What did you talk about?
Witness: Hazardous wasteGarbage which is extremely poisonous., as always. The money was too good for him to pass up. I thought it was dirty money, that it would cripple our ability to compete on more conventionalUsual or typical. waste management. He wouldn’t hear any of it.
Detective Todd: Mr Wolfe, would you be willing to submit to a lie detector test and supply us with a sample of your DNA?
Witness: So I’m a suspect. I think I can do that but I want to run it by my lawyers first.
Detective Todd: Thanks again for meeting with us.
Detective Lee: Please have your secretary confirm when you were last at Armstrong Manor.
Witness: Certainly.
Detective Todd: By the way, what kind of hunting will you be doing?
Witness: We’re going for grizzGrizzly bear; AKA Brown Bear.
[Elevator sounds]
Detective Todd: If he was going to kill someone, wouldn’t he make sure he had an alibi?
Detective Lee: Unless it was an accident, an argument that got out of hand. You know, I don’t trust hunters, especially trophy hunters. It’s just a form of bullying and bragging.
Detective Todd: It’s not my favourite sport either…
Detective Lee: By the way, I haven’t found anything linking Green to any kind of violence. He’s a pussycatGentle person., it seems.
Detective Todd: His lawyers will make a big deal out of that.
Detective Lee: He protests a lot but always in a non-violent way.
Detective Todd: That doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.
Detective Lee: It just makes it harder to prove.

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