Christian Green

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Accents: US English
Time: 02:46
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Relationship: Enviro-Radical; Blames the victim’s company for polluting; Under a restraining order.
Date: Wednesday, February, 17th
Location: Police Interrogation Room #3

Detective Todd: Good Morning, Mr Green. You know why you are here?
Witness: I imagine you think I had something to do with the death of Reynard Armstrong from Zodiaq. It’s all over the news. I hear you’re calling it a murder.
Detective Todd: Not quite yet. That’s what we’re here to find out.
Witness: It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy….
Detective Lee: Interesting… Where were you on the night of the murder?
Witness: At my girlfriend’s house.
Detective Todd: She’ll verify that?
Witness: Of course….
Detective Lee: And what were you doing?
Witness: SnugglingBeing romantic. [Laughter]….
Detective Todd: Does she know that impedingBlocking or preventing. an investigation is a serious crime?
Detective Lee: She could do jail time.
Witness: What are you talking about?
Detective Todd: We have evidenceProof….
Detective Lee: …that puts you at the scene of the crime.
Witness: That’s not possible.
Detective Todd: The basement window at Armstrong Manor was smashed.
Detective Lee: We believe that’s how you gained entry.
Witness: That’s… That’s just speculationGuessing.
Detective Todd: Then how come we pulled your fingerprint off of a piece of broken glass?
Detective Lee: Explain that.
Witness: I… I… I didn’t murder anyone.
Detective Lee: But you were there. We found a very clear footprint in the garden. I bet it matches the boots you have on right now.
Witness: Okay. Okay! I’ll admit to breaking in….
Detective Todd: Because?
Witness: I knew Armstrong would be going to the Newoma First Citizens’ Gala. He was a keynote speaker.
Detective Todd: So?
Witness: I was hoping I could find evidence linking Zodiaq with groundwater pollution in East Newoma.
Detective Lee: And did you?
Witness: No. I mean… I didn’t look. I came across the body on the stairs and I got the hell out of there.
Detective Todd: What time was that?
Witness: After 10. Around 10:20 PM, I suppose. I didn’t look at my watch.
Detective Lee: Did you touch the body.
Witness: No. I checked to see if he was breathing. He wasn’t. And there was blood all over the landing. Like I said, I just got out of there as fast as possible.
Detective Todd: Here’s what we think. We think you broke in and were surprised to find Mr Armstrong home.
Detective Lee: You got in a fight at the top of the stairs and pushed him down…
Detective Todd: He fell over and cracked his skull open on the base of the statue.
Witness: No, that is not correct. As I said, I beat itIdiom: run away quickly. when I saw the body.
Detective Lee: What happened to your hand?
Witness: I cut it on the window.
Detective Lee: We have you on breaking and entering and violation of your restraining ordercourt order to prevent some action like stalking.
Detective Todd: We think you’re good for the murder as well. It’s all just too coincidental.
Witness: I’m… I’m not a murderer.
Detective Todd: Right now you’re just a suspect. We are arresting you on those other charges.
Detective Lee: We’ll be testing those boots of yours and we’ll be getting an order to test your DNA proving, without a doubt, that you were on the scene.
Witness: I already admit to being there. But I didn’t kill anyone.
Detective Todd: Book ‘im, Dano.

Detective Todd: I actually believe him. I don’t think he’s capable of murder.
Detective Lee: Well, accidents happen….
Detective Todd: That’s for sure.


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