Crime Scene Notes

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Detective Vera Todd
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Detective Jin Hyuk Lee AKA ‘Huck’

Accents: US English
Time: 03:59
Transcription Below

Date: Monday, February, 15th
Location: Armstrong Manor

Detective Todd: [Making Voice Notes] It’s 10:30 on the morning of Monday, February, 15th. We’re at Armstrong Manor investigating the death of Reynard Armstrong. The victim’s body was discovered by his housekeeper shortly after 10 AM this morning upon arrival at work.
The victim is laying face down on the landing at the bottom of the main staircase. Head, resting at the base of a statue. There’s blood and hair on the base. The photographer is taking pictures with Huck assisting. [Calling out] Hey Huck, when the snapshots are finished have someone tape around the victim then flip him over for frontal snapsSnapshots; photos.
Detective Lee: You bet. [Sneezes]
Detective Todd: The staircase looks normal. There’s no sign of a struggleFight. here. What’s this? An earring, on the second-from-the-top stair, tucked into a corner. [Calling out] Hey Huck, take a look at this…
Detective Lee: What is it?
Detective Todd: There’s an earring here. Quite a large one. It looks like an antique….
Detective Lee: Let’s see… Wow! Now THAT is very telling. Hang on, I’ll get the photographer to take a few shots in situLatin; a term meaning “in place” or “in location” before we examine it more closely.
Detective Todd: Good idea. Let’s get it dusted for prints too.
Detective Lee: Okay.
Detective Todd: There’s some hair around here too. Looks like hair from that cat. Can you bag a sample? I guess Mrs Forste hasn’t done the stairs for a while.
Detective Lee: According to her, she would have vacuumed the stairs on Friday. [Sneezes] She mentioned that Arse… the cat Arsenio, shedslose hair naturally a lot.
Detective Todd: Noted. Oh, there’s cat hair over here too. Quite a bit. Oh look at this, there’s a few strands of human hair too. Could I borrow your tweezers? I need to get all of this.
Detective Lee: Here you go…
Detective Todd: Now this is interesting. This whole area is matted and wet like it was recently cleaned. We need to tape off the whole staircase including the top landing and have it processed. We need a sample of this wet carpet then check walls and floor with LuminolA spray used to detect blood. and UVUltraviolet light.. Finish with a forensic vacuuming. Let’s bag each stair and the landings separately, it could give us a sense of the progression of events.
Detective Lee: What do you think? It’s like a fight broke out here [Sneezes] and somehow Armstrong was pushed down the stairs?
Detective Todd: That’s certainly what it’s looking like. I wonder why the floor was cleaned.
Detective Lee: Yeah, me too. I’ll see how they are doing in the den.
[Muffled footsteps receding; sneezing]
Detective Lee: Vera, Sergeant Stadanko just called. He found something of interest in the basement. [Sneezes]
Detective Todd: What is it?
Detective Lee: It sounds important. Let’s go check it out.
[Footsteps walking]
Detective Todd: Are you coming down with a cold?
Detective Lee: No, it’s that damned cat. I’m allergic. [Sneezes] Oh, look at this….
Detective Todd: I see. That’s interesting. Thank you Sergeant. Get someone to tape this area off. [Recording] Freshly broken glass on basement door. Could have been used to gain entry. Glass mostly on the inside. Huck, we’re gonna want pictures and prints.
Detective Lee: On it!
[Door Opening]
Detective Todd: Oh, look at this boot print. That’s a thing of beauty. [Recording] Single boot print in flower bed next to door. Very clear impression. Looks fresh. Huck… Where’s Huck? [Sneezes] Oh there he is. Huck, look here….
Detective Lee: Nice. I’ll get forensics to make a cast after we get pics. [Sneezes]
Detective Todd: I thought you were going to call Animal Control.
Detective Lee: I did. They haven’t come yet. Look at my pants, they’re covered with cat hair. [Sneezes] He keeps rubbing up against my legs. And then he runs away, like he wants to play or something.
Detective Todd: They always do that. Put him in the bathroom ‘til Animal Control arrives.
Detective Lee: We tried. He just runs away. Thinks… [Sneezes] Thinks we’re playing. He’s contaminating the crime scene. Mrs Forste was right, there’s cat hair everywhere.
Detective Todd: Let me try. I’m pretty good with cats.
Detective Lee: Knock yourself out…. [Sneezes]

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