Damian Pierpoint

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Accents: US English; UK English
Time: 03:39
Transcription Below

Relationship: Neighbour; Actor/Director
Date: Thursday, February, 18th
Location: Neighbour’s House

Detective Todd: Do you mind if I record this?
Witness: Not at all….
Detective Todd: How long have you known Reynard Armstrong?
Witness: Oh, a long time. We moved in 15 years ago. We didn’t know him well though. He was pretty aloof,Distant; not friendly you know.
Detective Todd: What kind of neighbour was he?
Witness: Well, quiet, I guess. Not so neighbourly. We used to chat over the fence from time to time. Once he took me for a ride in that JagJaguar; a luxury, high-performance sports car of his. Isn’t she a beauty?
Detective Lee: This past Sunday, did you hear anything strange coming from Armstrong Manor.
Witness: Well, yes. Or at least my dog may have. I didn’t think much of it at the time. She sometimes starts howling and barking for no reason.
Detective Todd: And, this Sunday she was carrying on?
Witness: Yeah, quite a bit.
Detective Todd: Did you look out?
Witness: I did. Couldn’t see anything though. None of my lights had activated.
Detective Lee: How about over at the Armstrong place?
Witness: We can’t really see much from that window. There’s a big hedge in the way.
Detective Lee: What time was this?
Witness: I’m not too sure. I didn’t look at the clock. My wife might remember. Anyway I’m pretty sure it was after 9. [Yelling] Honey, could you come here a sec?
Witness’ Wife: What’s up?
Witness: Do you remember when Prince started barking and growling on Sunday?
Witness’ Wife: I do. Is this about poor Mister Armstrong next door?
Witness: Yeah. What time was that?
Witness’ Wife: I think it was around 10. Remember, we were watching the Revorg Nairb Show.
Witness: That’s it then. Thanks Honey. So about 10 PM. Is there anything else we can help you with?
Detective Lee: What can you tell us about the housekeeper, Mrs Forste?
Witness: My wife knows her quite well….
Witness’ Wife: Yes, she’s very nice. I know her from the theatre, we’re both active in amateur theatre.
Detective Lee: Any idea if there was any tension between her and Mr Armstrong?
Witness’ Wife: No, I mean, I have no idea but I can’t imagine why they would. She was known as a top notch housekeeper.
Witness: She’s a real clean freak, apparently. We talked about trying to steal her away from Armstrong but never had a chance to bring it up. Armstrong was always a bit intimidatingScary, you know….
Detective Lee: That should be it for questions at this time.
Detective Todd: Yeah, I think we’re good. Thanks a lot.
Detective Lee: Here, take my card, in case you think of anything else that might be useful.
Witness: Okay. Good luck in finding the murderer. Reynard wasn’t the nicest guy around but nobody deserves getting murdered in their own home like that.
[Door Closing, Walking]
Detective Lee: Well, that was useful. If the dog was barking because of the break-in, that verifies what Christian Green said, that he was in the house at around 10 PM.
Detective Todd: Did you see the autopsy report, I put a copy on your desk this morning?
Detective Lee: No, I didn’t. Anything stand out?
[Car doors opening, slamming, car starts, driving sounds]
Detective Todd: The coroner put the time of incident at just after midnight at around 12:15. Death occurred at about 1 AM. That means, if Green is our guy, he was in the house for more than 2 hours.
Detective Lee: Hiding out in the basement, waiting for Armstrong to leave or go to bed?
Detective Todd: Could be… or Green was discovered early on, they discussed for a long time, discussion got heated, turned to argument, the argument became threatening then violent.
Detective Lee: There’s no evidence of a fight anywhere in the house except on the stairs. A jury won’t buy that they argued on the stairs for more than 2 hours.
Detective Todd: How about this, the argument became threatening, so Armstrong retreated up the stairs, perhaps to call emergency services. Green knew he’d be arrested for violating his restraining order, he chased after Armstrong, catching him on the stairs. A fight broke out and Armstrong was pushed down the stairs, possibly by accident, hitting his head on the statue.
Detective Lee: That works.
Detective Todd: I’m just not convinced that Green has it in him.
Detective Lee: I’ll do some checking to see if he has a history of violence. If so, we can make the case.

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