Fabian Wood

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Accents: US English
Time: 07:23
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Relationship: Nephew
Date: Tuesday, February, 23rd
Location: Police Interrogation Room #1

Detective Todd: Wolfe lawyered upTalked to a lawyer. I just got a call from his legal team. They’re refusing to submit to a lie detector or supply DNA without a court order.
Detective Lee: That wasn’t unexpected. Did you read the lab report?
Detective Todd: I just looked it over. I would have bet that was blood at the top of the stairs. I’ll be honest, I’m a little disappointed.
Detective Lee: I know what you mean.
Detective Todd: And what’s the deal with all the hair on the stairs. Didn’t the housekeeper vacuum the stairs? Remind me to call her.
Detective Lee: Okay. I think they were having a party on the stairs, if you know what I mean….
[Door opens; chairs scraping]
Detective Todd: Thanks for coming down, Mr Wood. You’re a hard guy to get ahold of.
Witness: I know. It’s intentionalOn purpose.
Detective Lee: Any reason in particular?
Witness: Being related to someone like Uncle Rey has its downsideNegative points, believe me.
Detective Lee: How so?
Witness: My Uncle Rey wasn’t Mr Popular, or hadn’t you noticed?
Detective Todd: Yes, he didn’t seem to have a lot of fans. How about you, did you get along with your uncle?
Witness: Get along? I never saw him. I bet I’ve only seen him half a dozen times in the 15 years since my mother died.
Detective Lee: Why is that?
Witness: He didn’t like my sister… or me by extension. You see, she had me out of wedlockWithout being married. He thought that brought shame on the family. He was right about one thing, though…
Detective Todd: What’s that?
Witness: My dad was a bounderUK English; a bad guy; unreliable; a jerk. He ran off a few months after I was born leaving my mom holding the bagAbandon someone and force them to bear the responsibility or blame.. I shouldn’t be so hard on old Rey. He stepped up, made sure she was provided for, just barely…. When she died, he put me in boarding school, a very good one, and made sure I got into one of the better universities. After that, I was on my own. I think his objective was to make me self-reliant.
Detective Lee: Did it?
Witness: I suppose.
Detective Todd: Couldn’t you get a position with Zodiaq?
Witness: He wouldn’t dream of it. Neither would I, for that matter. I had no desire to work anywhere near him. I suppose he knew that. Anyway, my major wouldn’t have been much use to him.
Detective Lee: What did you study?
Witness: Philosophy. Can you imagine trying to apply moral reasoning to a completely amoral company like Zodiaq?
Detective Lee: Did you ever ask him for a job?
Witness: No way.
Detective Todd: Your sister never married, yet your name is Wood, not Armstrong…
Witness: Yeah, I had it changed. Like I said, there’s a downside to being related to THAT Armstrong. I got tired of explaining….
Detective Lee: So what have you been doing since your uncle cut you off?
Witness: I joined the navy for a while. That was a rookie mistake. I opened a cafe at one point. Sold it for a pretty good profit too. Other than that, mostly just kicking aroundIdiom; to lead a life without direction or purpose.
Detective Lee: What do you do for money?
Witness: I don’t know, money always seems to find me one way or another.
Detective Todd: Do you think it will find you when your uncle’s will is read?
Witness: I imagine so. I mean he didn’t have anyone else.
Detective Lee: What will you do with the riches?
Witness: I don’t know exactly. I’ve thought about it. I’ll probably sell his interest in the company. I have no desire to be involved in Zodiaq. And I couldn’t live in that horrid old house so I’ll probably sell that too. I’ll keep the car though. Awesome car. Have you seen it?
Detective Todd: No.
Witness: A jag. It’s a total babe magnetAttractive to women.
Detective Lee: And then what?
Witness: Just lay aboutDo nothing.. I have no ambition whatsoever. I guess I take afterFollow; resemble either physically or in personality. my dad in that way.
Detective Todd: Have you been in the house recently?
Witness: Gawd no. I was probably ten the last time I visited there.
Detective Lee: Do you know Mrs Forste, the housekeeper?
Witness: Mrs Forst? Is she still around? You know my uncle cheated her out of the whole inheritance back when my grandfather died?
Detective Lee: We heard about that. What else do you know about her?
Witness: Not much. I know my grandfather was very fond of her. She was his housekeeper when he lived in India. That’s why she was included in the will that way. She was apparently very fastidiousNeat; Tidy; Clean in her younger days. I expect she must be slipping a bit in her old age. She must be like a hundred years old by now.
Detective Todd: Into her 80s, I think. Do you know if she carried a grudgeResentment. against your uncle?
Witness: I expect so. Hey, maybe she killed him. Out of revenge. That was a mean thing to do. I’ll make sure she’s provided for.
Detective Todd: Maybe she did.
Witness: I was just kiddingMaking a joke.. Old Mrs Forste couldn’t kill my uncle. That’s just silly. She was half his size when I saw her last.
Detective Lee: Some might call the inheritance a motive for murder.
Witness: You mean her or me?
Detective Lee: Either way….
Witness:  For sure, it’s a lot of money.
Detective Lee: Do you have an alibi for last Sunday evening?
Witness: Not really. As you know, I live off the grid. I don’t have a phone. Or a computer for that matter. I live on a sailboat.
Detective Todd: It sounds pretty carefree.
Witness: I hope the money doesn’t change that. Come to think of it, for the last couple weeks I have been sailing around the coast. If I remember correctly, I was in Nemeta Beach last weekend, Monday too. I believe I stopped at an internet cafe to check e-mail. They would probably remember me. I tried chatting up the clerk. They might have me on video getting shot downSlang; be rejected, especially in romance..
Detective Todd: We’ll check it out.
Detective Lee: Do you remember the cafe name?
Witness: No, I don’t. But I can’t imagine they have more than one in that little village. Oh, yeah, I used a cash machine too.
Detective Todd: On Sunday?
Witness: More like Saturday. But it puts me there.
Detective Todd: We’ll check that out too.
Detective Lee: What time were you in the cafe?
Witness: In the afternoon to early evening. They roll up the sidewalks pretty early in Nemeta.
Detective Todd: You don’t seem very distraught at your uncle’s death.
Witness: He was nothing to me, a benefactorSomeone who helps another financially. at one point but nothing more. The only surprise is somebody didn’t offSlang; kill. him a long time ago. He was a really nasty guy.
Detective Todd: Well, I think that’s all the questions for now. Will you be in Newoma long?
Witness: I’m staying for the will readingLast Will & Testament; a document directing the disposal of property after death. on Friday then I’ll probably make my way down to my home port at Woocum Island.
Detective Lee: How can we contact you?
Witness: E-mail me. I usually check in every couple days.
Detective Todd: Okay. Thanks for coming in. We’ll be in touch.
[Chairs scraping]
Witness: Good luck cracking the case….
Detective Lee: By the way, do you know anyone who could take your uncle’s pet cat?
Witness: No, sorry, I don’t. Where’s the cat now?
Detective Lee: In the poundShort for ‘impound;’ where unwanted animals are kept, often being put to death if no one claims them.. Nobody would take him.
Witness: Oh, that’s not good…

[Door closing]
Detective Todd: What do you think?
Detective Lee: He’s a little too cool. Unless I missed something, his uncle sounds quite generous.
Detective Todd: I suspect there was something else going on between Wood and his uncle, something he isn’t sharing.
Detective Lee: By all accounts, Armstrong was a jerk. Still, Armstrong was his uncle and the way he died should have had some impact.

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