Miyuki Miura

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Accents: US English; Indian English
Time: 05:16
Transcription Below

Relationship: Former Girlfriend
Date: Thursday, February, 18th
Location: Police Interrogation Room #3

Detective Todd: Thanks for coming in, Ms Mai… Maiyura… Did I say that right?
Witness: No, but I’m used to it. Just call me Yuki. It’s easier.
Detective Todd: Yuki. Okay Yuki, you work as a fashion model, is that correct?
Witness: And actress.
Detective Todd: It’s a hard business, isn’t it?
Witness: Yes, competitive. I have a good agent though. I get enough work here and there.
Detective Todd: And you and Reynard Armstrong were in a relationship, is that correct?
Witness: We’re just friends now… I mean, we were just friends. I used to think it might be going somewhere…
Detective Lee: Where?
Witness: It seemed pretty serious at one point. Then it all changed….
Detective Lee: How come?How come?Why?
Witness: I’m not really sure. He just seemed to have a change of heart all of a sudden. After 3 years he said he didn’t think it would work out.
Detective Todd: Did he say why?
Witness: No, I pressed him on it but that’s all he said. Some of my friends said he was a racistSomeone who hates people of a different race or colour.
Detective Lee: And yet you stuck around….
Witness: I know Raymond wasn’t very well-liked but there was another side to him, a gentle side…. Did you know he was crazy about cats? He had a cat and just doted on him.
Detective Todd: We met him. Friendly guy, that’s for sure.
Detective Lee: We know. Too friendly for my liking. Ah… something…. starts with an ‘A.’
Witness: Arsenio. Yes, a very friendly cat. And very fond of Raymond. If a cat approves of someone then he must be a good guy. Cats are very good judges of character, you know.
Detective Todd: He didn’t like you, Huck.
Detective Lee: I hate cats. They’re evil!
Witness: He could sense that then.
Detective Todd: When did you break up, exactly?
Witness: Last March. Almost a year ago.
Detective Lee: Usually when people break up, that’s it… I mean, that was a year ago.
Witness: There are no rules. I valued our friendship. So did he, I think.
Detective Lee: You met on Sunday. What time was that?
Witness: It was Valentine’s Day. I dropped off some chocolate and a card.
Detective Lee: And a photo.
Witness: Yes, one of my promo pics. In Japan, the Valentine’s culture is a bit different. Usually, young women give chocolate to men in their lives as a show of respect. Like for bosses or teachers or that kind of thing. It’s called ‘giri-choco.’
Detective Todd: Giving promo pics too?
Witness: Well….
Detective Todd: So you gave him some chocolates. Did he give you anything?
Witness: No, we just had tea…
Detective Todd: Anything else?
Witness: We, um… spent some quiet time together, that’s all…
Detective Todd: I see.
Detective Lee: The card has some writing on it. What does it say?
Witness: Just ‘Happy Valentines Day’ in Japanese. Am I a suspect?
Detective Todd: You were probably the last person to see Reynard Armstrong alive.
Witness: Oh…
Detective Lee: By the way, I heard you call him ‘Raymond’ a couple times. Why is that?
Witness: I don’t know, I always called him ‘Raymond.’ He hated it. It really annoyed him. I think that’s why I did it.
Detective Todd: So exactly how long were you there?
Witness: I don’t know exactly. I got there around 2, I think and it must have been around 8 when I left.
Detective Lee: That’s a lot of ‘quiet time.’
Witness: Yeah, I suppose it is.
Detective Todd: Did you fight?
Witness: No. Well, maybe a little. I wanted him to take me to the Valentine’s gala but he didn’t want to. He was so selfish that way.
Detective Lee: What way?
Witness: I mean, he would never do anything for someone just to be nice. It was always a calculation.
Detective Todd: When you left at around 8, where did you go?
Witness: I went home and got cleaned up and changed for the gala. I decided I’d go solo anyway.
Detective Todd: And how was it?
Witness: It was fun. But when Raymond didn’t show I wondered why. As Newoma’s most eligibleAvailable; bachelorUnmarried, single man., he was supposed to make a speech. I called a couple times but he didn’t answer.
Detective Lee: Yeah, we saw the phone records. You didn’t leave any messages.
Witness: No….
Detective Todd: Do you recognize this?
Witness: Oh, my earring? Where did you find it?
Detective Todd: On the stairs, near the top.
Witness: Oh! I’m glad you found it. They were a gift from Raymond… Reynard. He said they had belonged to his mother.
Detective Lee: How did you lose it?
Witness: It must have fallen out. They were a little too big and gaudyShowy; cheap-looking; flashy for my taste but I wore them, well… for the occasion. That’s one of the reasons I called Raymond, to see if he had found it. Can I get it back?
Detective Todd: Right now it’s evidence but, yeah, eventually you should be able to.
Detective Lee: You’ll have to apply at police headquarters, after the case is settled.
Witness: I see. They’re special, you know.
Detective Todd: Of course. Well, Ms…. um… Yuki, that’s all the questions today. You are a suspect. We’ll probably have a few more questions in a day or two. You may want to talk to a lawyer in the meantime.
Detective Lee: Thanks for coming in.
Witness: Oh! Okay….
[Chairs scraping; door closing]
Detective Lee: Gold diggerSomeone who is romantically involved for moneyor personal gain.?
Detective Todd: It’s hard to say. She seemed to be sincere in her feelings for Mr Armstrong.
Detective Lee: She lied about the card. It says ‘I Love You’ not ‘Happy Valentines Day’. I can read that much Japanese.
Detective Todd: I wonder why…. The phone calls bother me. Could she have been trying to establish an alibiProof of innocence?
Detective Lee: It’s possible. There were certainly plenty of witnesses at the gala. I checked out her hands. There were no signs of violence. One fingernail was broken though.
Detective Todd: Armstrong was a big guy. It would have been pretty hard for her to throw him down the stairs.
Detective Lee: Unless she caught him by surprise. Then that’s premeditation. Did you notice she blushedFace turns red due to embarrassment. when you mentioned where you found the earring? Detective Todd: Yeah, I caught that. She dropped her eyes for a second. She’s hiding something…
Detective Lee: That’s exactly what I thought.

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