Talk It Up! For Conversation Classes

Talk It Up!

  • Talk It Up! is a simple — and free — web app designed to instantly suggest topics so students can spend more time communicating and less time getting started. With over 300 topic questions, there should be plenty to talk about.
  • Zoom-Friendly: Talk It Up! is easily deployed in Breakout Rooms or in real-world group and pair configurations. Only one person in the group need have a web-connected device.
  • Meaningful and Extensive Output: The hardest thing for students to get in their language-learning journey is speaking practice, especially meaningful, extensive output. That’s what Talk It Up! is all about.
  • Dogmé ELT: The primary classroom resource is the students themselves and, as such, is relevant to each participant.
  • Preparing Students: As part of pre-teaching, students should understand that they are not passive receptors but active participants in any conversation and, as listeners, should be commenting on or adding to any topic that may be up for discussion. Speakers, for their part, should always be answering the five Ws in any conversation. Every time a student speaks they should be communicating what happened, to whom, when and where it happened and the all-important reason why. If context is not able to supply these elements then they need to be explicitly supplied. Ask students to ask themselves “Did I cover the 5Ws?” as you circulate and monitor. Students should also realize that it’s fine to get off topic. These questions are a starting point. If a question doesn’t fit, just tap again… or take off in your own direction.


Check it out here: Talk It Up!

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