Truth or Dare 5-Pak Class Set

CAD $100 for 5 Games

Five times the fun at 33% off the regular retail price, the Truth or Dare – Five-Pak contains enough game components to involve 30 learners in challenging, student-centred gameplay. In the college in Japan where I used to teach that would outfit a single class. In Vancouver, where I now park my bones, a 5-Pak will equip 2 classes in most of the larger schools and five classes in the many conversation schools. Covering the peak-use periods like mid-term, session end and just prior to major breaks is important, of course, as many teachers will be competing for these scarce resources.
  • Instruction Guide
  • Spinner
  • Mini-Whiteboard
  • Compact Game Box
  • 50 Dare Cards
  • 50 Green Truth Cards
  • 50 Yellow Truth Cards
  • 50 Blue Truth Cards

3 thoughts on “Truth or Dare 5-Pak Class Set

  1. These games are a lot of fun. When I spoke with you, you said a digital app was in the works. Any idea when that might happen?

  2. I just had to let you know the games arrived safely and the students just love it. My what a chatty bunch they are.

  3. The games arrived last week. Thanks that was quick. I tried it out with my morning class yesterday for the first time. It was also the first time I heard many of the students speak about something outside of the lesson plan. I was surprised they [low intermediate] had a lot to say. I think I’ve been guilty of seeing them as pupils first, not people.

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