Whodunnit: Murder at Armstrong Manor for ESL

There has been a murder in Newoma Bay and the police are frankly, stumpedStuck; cannot solve the crime.. They have asked your ESL team to review the evidence. With fresh eyes you might just might break the case wide open.

Scene of the crime, Armstrong Manor, belonging to the late Reynard Armstrong

ESL Students: Review the Evidence

Pen & Notebook


Download and print this handout, one per ESL group, to help organize the information in this grisly case. Alternatively, keep notes in digital form. Evidence Notebook


News Coverage

Review news of the crime here.

Police Line Tape: Crime Scene

Photo Evidence

Review photos taken at the crime scene here.

Witness & Suspect Interviews

Listen to and read transcribed interviews here. ESL groups may want to share the tasks and discuss to save time.

Key Documents

Read things like the victim’s last will & testament and the autopsy report here.

Answer Vault

Answer Vault

The answer vault is locked. The password is the name of the murderer. Unlock this crime here. Be sure to use the suspect’s full name and make sure you use proper caseUPPER CASE & lower case. So if the murderer is Revorg Nairb you need to type exactly that. Typing revorg nairb will get you nowhere.

The Forensics Lab

Teaching Resources to help with deploying Whodunnit for a variety of ESL student levels.


Some of the resources used in the making of Whodunnit.

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